The Day of the Podenco

Kodak and Atlas (@kodak_and_atlas) came to the studio in London a couple of weeks ago. They’re two wonderful rescue dogs and both Podencos. With International Day of the Podenco just finished it seems a blessing to be able to show some of our photos from the session.

Atlas is around 6 years old and in his first few weeks with his new family (including Kodak). He’s had a rough life so far but you’d never know it. Kodak is a complete sweetheart and his partner is crime.

Too many Podencos endure an extremely hard life - in Spain they’re generally used as hunting dogs, underfed (which means they work harder according to the hunters) and kept in squalid conditions. Atlas’ teeth are completely worn down where he’s presumably tried to escape bars or chains. If Podencos don’t earn their keep as a good hunting dog they’re lucky if they survive. Most are killed by the hunters in shockingly brutal ways - hung low from trees to ensure a long and painful death, legs broken or mouths fixed shut so they starve to death, or thrown down deep wells where either they will be killed from the fall or starvation. They are simply not protected by Spanish laws and up to 150,000 are killed each year during the hunting season.

Podencos are often called ‘The Great Forgotten’ and an overlooked breed.

But, as I found out from the owners of these two loving Podencos, there’s now more help available to help this situation. Charities such as @hopeforpodencos, @podenco_friends, @sospodencorescue and @ibizanhoundrescue are just some of the organisations doing their bit to change the situation. Give them a visit and let’s show our support.

In the meantime, and to celebrate them in a positive light, here’s some of our portraits from our photography session: